Canon Dan Alger Leading Workshop at Remissioning

We are excited to announce that Canon Dan Alger will be leading a one day 

Church Planting In The Anglican Tradition is an intensive one-day training which starts Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon giving an overview of what planting in this tradition looks like.   The course is designed for anyone in the process of planting, whether you are in the early stages of discernment or you are already on the ground doing the work.  

We will structure our time around four critical questions: 

Why Do We Plant? (The Biblical and missional justification for our work)  

Who Should Plant? (The skills and characteristics needed in a planter)

What Are We Planting? (Defining the hopeful results of our work)  

How Do We Plant It? (Practical strategies & methodologies for planting)

There is a wealth of information available on the topic of church planting, but there is a dearth of resources regarding the special challenges faced by the planter of a liturgical church.  The intent of this course is to help fill that gap and equip those who desire to pursue the work of planting an Anglican church.  In doing so, we will cover some of the fundamental skills required to plant any church, like building a core group and missional contextualization, as well as topics more specific to our tradition such as missional liturgy, the role of church planting in the current Anglican reformation and discipleship in the common prayer tradition.

We hope you will join us for this exciting training event!

The Rev. Canon Dan Alger is the Canon for Church Planting for the Anglican Diocese of the South. Dan has served as the Director of Communications and Equipping for Anglican 1000 through which he has trained church planters throughout North America. A practitioner, not a theoretician, Dan is a long time church planter; he first planted in the military community surrounding Fort Bragg, NC and is currently planting in the greater Atlanta area.  Dan has coached, trained and supported Anglican church planters for over 10 years and is currently finishing his first book on the subject of church planting in the Anglican Tradition.